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Their words - not mine!

The ceremony was beautiful, informal and fun, just like we wanted. The guests enjoyed as well, we received many compliments about Eddie.

 Monica & Brenton

Monica & Brenton

You did such an amazing job and we cannot thank you enough for everything you did for us. It was an amazing ceremony and have family and friends still commenting and us still remembering little lines that you came out with which made us laugh, smile and cry.

 Hayley & Matt

Hayley & Matt

We can’t thank you enough for making our ceremony and reception one that we will never forget. Your energy and enthusiasm was loved by everyone including us and you were a perfect fit for our little traditional/non-traditional wedding.

 Alessio & Elena

Alessio & Elena

We loved our ceremony! You rocked so hard. You were elvis-rific, magnificent, stupendous and viva-d our collective las Vegases. Thank you for being everything we dreamed of and more.

 Vanessa & Ettiene

Vanessa & Ettiene

Right from our first Skype call we knew you were the one and you certainly didn’t disappoint. Your professionalism mixed with a sense of humour and the way you told our story certainly made Dani Panda’s and my wedding day perfect.

 Danielle & Danielle

Danielle & Danielle

Eddie, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being the most amazing celebrant ever!!You made all our guest laugh… A LOT.

 Jodie-Lee & Phil

Jodie-Lee & Phil

Eddie is an absolute rock star! His ceremony was so much fun and romantic as well! He wrote and told our guests the story of us and everyone loved him!

 Lara & Arthur

Lara & Arthur

So, you wanna get married?

And have fun at the same time? Well, I think I can sort you out.

I’m not a clairvoyant but I know you’re looking for a celebrant. Since you ended up reading this, I will also assume you’re looking for someone who’s fun, quirky and doesn’t know how to pronounce throughout properly. You are one lucky lover 🙂

I told a really funny joke there

I became a celebrant to help my fellow Brazilians here in Perth to have their wedding ceremonies in our native tongue, Portuguese. But I’ve been privileged enough to work with couples from all over the world, learning their stories and telling them in a much more interesting way.

I am a certified nerd, failed musician, ink enthusiast, dog parent, day-time graphic designer, ordained Pastafarian Minister and authorised marriage celebrant. I’m also Brazilian and Australian at the same time. Such a multitasker.

I like comics, movies, D&D, dogs and being a geek. But what I also love is being a celebrant and helping you to have the most special day ever by adding fun, passion and a hard to pinpoint accent to your wedding day. Believe me – everything sounds better with a Brazilian accent.

If everything goes as planned, at the end of your wedding day I will have made you giggle a lot, maybe cry a few happy tears and relax enough to enjoy the best day of your life the proper way – with a ear-to-ear-long smile and the feeling that the best part of your life has just begun.

Yes, I do wear this outfit regularly.

But let’s do it a bit differently

Truth is, I’m not a traditional celebrant.

I will get to know you, your partner, your story and I will see what you two are about, what makes you smile, what makes you giggle and what makes you happy – this is the stuff of your ceremony: the joy of being together and the joy of doing weird stuff not too many people get (but don’t worry, I’ll get it).

I fancy myself as a storyteller. I love to read and add my own twist to all kinds of tales – from adventures to romances. Your wedding day is the high point of your story together – and I will make it sound, feel and taste like the greatest story ever told.

Afterlife Celebrations

Well, just because someone died, it doesn’t mean we have to throw a funeral about it.

I mean, I get it – Death sucks. Like, it’s really not cool, but also, it’s kind of gonna happen to all of us. The way we chose to mourn this moment tells a lot about how we were in life and, I can guarantee you:

No one wants a sad sack funeral.
Go on, ask around. I’ll wait.

Yep, didn’t think so.

That’s what I try to do as Funeral Celebrant here in Perth – create a meaningful ceremony that celebrates life and life after death.

How, you ask? Well, through magic – the magic of storytelling.

Instead of focusing on the loss and the pain (which are real and must be dealt with), I chose to focus on the privilege that was to have lived, to have loved and to have learned.

We all have stories. Heck, we all are stories, and these stories don’t stop when we do. That’s how I can help you process this moment. By encouraging you, your friends and your family to share those stories, I hope to help you find comfort in the privilege you all share – to have known and loved someone you will miss.

As a Funeral Celebrant, I can be there for you and your family in your most difficult hour and offer you something I think people sorely needs at this moment – lightness.

My approach is non-religious, all inclusive and all respectful. Funerals don’t have to be ‘fun’ (tho the word is right there) but they also don’t have to be a crying contest – and they can be much more than a moment to hug people you didn’t see in ages.

There is room for laughter, love and compassion.

If you let me, I’ll guide you there.

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